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Korg - PA800 Arranger: DOWNLOADS / SETs / MP3-Soundsamples
and WORKSHOPS in English Translation (HOW-TOs, TUTORIALS, FAQs) ...
at the bottom of the page !

On this Section of my Homepage i will make available all the things about a
KORG PA800 Arranger- Keyboard. Because of the compatibility of the PA2XPRO
all should function as exactly too.
PA1XPRO or PA500(xyz)- Users have to make some "logical adaptions" only!

If you're something missing -which is mentioned- but you can't discover,
you're invited to look on the GERMAN - corresponding page... link is 'on top'.
MUSIC IS INTERNATIONAL and i think you will catch and understand what is
going on and what you are searching for.

In the year 2009 i joined the English-Korg-Forum and you might have noticed
my membername -TBLECK- but already in the year 2007 i signed up in the
German-Austrian Forum of Korg with the membername -YAMAKORG- !
Obviously this membername was already reserved in the English - Forum.
Because of my original start in 2007, my file-sets and examples in
naming-convention are still prefixed by "YK-" !
I've got practice over many years on both "worlds" (Yamaha and Korg).

The "OPERATING SYSTEMS" of both keyboard worlds which are familiar to me:
Yamaha: PSR 500/600/3000, CVP-301, Tyros-x
Korg: i3, i30, i4, pa80, PA1X, PA800, PA2X

At the moment i develope my creations only for the KORG PA800...
Styles, Sounds, Pads, Performances, Samples... just for "domestic-use".
With KORG you get an enourmous ample scope of improving the already "very good"
to make it even more the better to fit to your exact needs or dreamed imagination !


{COPYRIGHT-Note} On this private Homepage there will to be downloaded ONLY COPYRIGHT-free CREATIONS done by myself !


To DOWNLOAD please click with right mouse button and select ...Save under...; otherwise doubleclick to OPEN the Files !

Here is my english presentation of SOLO-SOUNDS for DOWNLOAD.
The sounds are presented audible with MP3-Samples.

Here ist my presentation of COMPLETE - Sound SETs for DOWNLOAD.
The SETs on this site include an explanation and tips for their
employment and usability.
Here is my english presentation of PAD-SETs for DOWNLOAD.
The SETs on this site include an explanation and tips for their
employment and usableness.

Here is the presentation of my developed and translated WORKSHOPS for DOWNLOAD.
The workshops are fully coloured in PDF format and contain even
edited/arranged Photos from the touchscreen and panel.

Here is presented my english STYLE-DATABASE for DOWNLOAD.
The "STYLE-DB" ist sorted / grouped / filtered by different criterias.
Additionally there are MP3-Samples from the "BEST OF THE BEST" - Styles included.

C H U R C H - O R G A N - S A M P L I N G :

Church-Organ-Sampling -> PA800 Sampling-Docu (PDF/german) Explanation, how the organ of the protestant Church
"Johannes" in Kerpen / Rhein-Erft-Kreis (GERMANY)
was sampled by myself for the PA800 ...
State: incl. additions from 04.JAN.2009

... with the help of a provided Marantz PM620 Digitalrecorder /
... the SETUP in the church and the accomplishment
... Finishing / subsequent works on PC / Pictures / WWW.-links /
... Workarounds in the PA800 and the sound-impressions are documented !

The Set in the format for PA800 and usable in PA2XPRO is available only
on email-request, but free of charge... please read PDF-Docu page 8 !

PDF - Filesize: ca. 8 MB, (fully coloured, ca. 600dpi)

Sound-Impressions from the church - organ -> played on PA800 (MP3) After the short Introduction there follow many sound-impressions
and register-combinations! While hearing you have to mention:
it was ALL played on the KEYBOARD KORG PA800 and not as before in the church !
That is going to be real because of the implemented FULLY FUNCTIONABLE SAMPLER !
This has also the charming advantage, that "disturbing"- noises
like cough, or conversations ... have no more influence on the recording !
Filesize: 6,7 MB mp3pro/High: 192 kbit/s 44Khz / Stereo; Duration : 04 Min. 48 Sek.

German Korg-Forums-Thread about Sampling Church-Organ (Link) German Korg-Forums-Thread about Sampling Church-Organ ...
after a short time i was sure: This had nobody done before ... so "do it yourself" ... resulting in the above PDF-documentation and "SET" !

L I N K - C O L L E C T I O N :

F E E D B A C K . . . from the German Korg-Forum "Applause is the artist's wage ...", in a forum this happens by WRITING only !
Here some selected links from the GERMAN Forum, where i was able to answer,
and the feedback from the Korg-FORUM since autumn 2007:

001... 002... 003... 004... 005... 006... 007... 008... 009... 010... 011... 012... 013... 014... 015... 016... 017... 018... 019... 020... 021... 022... 023... 024... 025... 026... 027... 028...

Collection of my contributions to the german Korg-Keyboard-Forum (Link) Here is the complete breakdown of my tips and assistances in the German Korg Forum !


NEW! Workshop-Section of Jürgen Sartorius concerning KORG-PA-Keyboards (Link) Collection of excellent "german" Workshops concerning HANDLING, OPERATION
and the "built-in" merits of KORG - PA-Series Keyboards ...
you can really call it ... they all have an "OPERATING SYSTEM"

NEW! Website of Jürgen Sartorius containing important LINKS about the topic of KORG-PA-Keyboards (Link) Jürgen Sartorius alias "MISTER MUSIC" is besides of Andreas Gundlach one of the "demonstrator" and "seducer" who presents with his (FREE!) appearance in the german speaking countries in a very humorous but also profound musical nature the sound and benefits of a PA500, Pa800, PA2XPRO to a broader audience


Keith Balls SITE in England ... (Link) Keith Ball is -like me- also engaged in IT - Business. He also prefers Yamaha und KORG Keyboards... On his SITE you can also download "english" PA2XPRO tutorials covering a vast catalog of themes and having many interesting Links in the domain of Yamaha and KORG-Keyboards

Keith Balls dedicated "KORG" - SITE in England ... (Link)
! New: 05.05.09 !
Keith Balls "newest" Site - FOR KORG USERS ONLY! Especially interesting might be the Section "A-Z Helpfiles" ... There you'll find short but precisely informations about frequently asked questions concerning the PA2XPRO or in general PA-Series Instruments of Korg ! And last but not least: His acoustic MP3-Samples of many Styles played on the Korg PA2XPRO !


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